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My name is Grzegorz Wronkowski, I just started this site to share you with my own music, feel free to use it in your project !


My old Maschine MK II controlled is back again ! I started with some simple drum beat on Maschine, looking for some Chill Hop I ended up with this track. Sorry don't know what it is - for me it is a music sketch recorded using Maschin...

experimental dub vinyl synth dubstep dark

Funky Dancing

Funky groovy song with some retro 70s flavor. I played my Squier Tele and Harley Benton bass. Percussion is Battery, most of the synths are PolySix by Korg, everything else are Kontakt instruments.

dance disco funk retro vintage funky

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Probably the most popular carol song in the world, popularized by Arthur Warrell. You can hear in this track glockenspiel, violins, choirs, chimes and bells, big timpani, double bass, and piano. Hope you'll find it useful for approachin...

christmas carol violin orchestral warrel

Happy Ukulele Country

My second commercial composition. Used more software instruments like: Indie Ukulele by Dreamaudiotools, free Jonathan Glockenspiel, Abbey Road drums by NI. In chorus you can hear my new Squier Affinity Telecaster guitar on stock strings...

ukulele happy corporate country

Palm Muted Guitar Corporate

Very first song I recorded at home studio. I used Ibanez RGX-451 EX, which I recently sold to my friend, Harley Benton Deluxe Series bass guitar, Studio Drummer by NI. Everything recorded, arranged and mixed in Cubase Elements 9.

commercial guitar palm muted corporate inspiring