My old Maschine MK II controlled is back again ! I started with some simple drum beat on Maschine, looking for some Chill Hop I ended up with this track. Sorry don't know what it is - for me it is a music sketch recorded using Maschine's Audio plugin. All arrangement was done in Maschine 2.7.10 and on my old mid 2010 MacBook Pro (2.4Ghz dual core 4GB RAM and SSD disk), next all 40 tracks were exported to Cubase Elements 9 for mixing. Definitely I need better computer so it can handle massive projects like this one ! Synths I used most in this track is FM8 by Native Instruments which is currently one of my favourites ! Drums set and speech sample is from NYC set from Resonant Blaze Library by NI.

experimental dub vinyl synth dubstep dark